No Longer an Advertising Agency

Multimedia consulting, management,
and content development are our mission.

We are no longer an advertising agency. The industry is continuing to change rapidly. Now, most companies and business persons have their own website and/or social media. There isn’t the same need for agents between clients and media that there used to be. It’s easy now to make websites or advertisements. It’s possible to make good-quality movies using smartphones. Now everyone can spread their brand and message all over the world.

However, getting a cost-effective result is a different story. That’s where we come in. We talk to clients regularly, reviewing and improving multimedia, advertising, and public relations. Multimedia consulting, management, and content development are Wasabi Kikaku’s mission.

For your company, we can:

  • Manage websites (including e-commerce)
  • Manage & develop social media advertising
  • Boost your SEO
  • Draft regular Google Analytics reports
  • Develop content with WordPress, Shopify
  • System development with PHP and MySQL
  • DEvelop animation with computer graphics, and HD/4K movies
  • Develop content for websites, TV commercials, and print media

Please reach out if you are interested in working with Wasabi Kikaku, Inc. Your first consultation and estimate are on us. Let Wasabi Kikaku spice up your business.

Advertisements with Heart

We embrace the latest digital technology and produce advertisements with your time and cost efficiency in our minds.
From the most general mass to a niche audience, we can reach diverse markets in a variety of ways.
We strive to provide the most effective multi-media marketing plan for your business.

Kaz Matsumoto

大学卒業後、飛竜企画(東京)にコピーライターとして入社。その後、マドラ(東京)、クリエイターズグループMAC(旧社名: ナショナル宣伝研究所、東京)などを経た後、カナダ/トロントのジャパン•コミュニケーションズへ入社。コピーライティングに加えてエッセイ、特集記事も執筆。その後、アメリカ/ニューヨークのKang & Lee Advertisingへコピーライターとして入社。中国、韓国、ベトナムなどを含むアジアンアメリカンマーケットのTVCM•プリント広告を制作。アメリカ永住権を取得後、日本航空の米州支社(アメリカ/ニューヨーク)に入社。北米、中南米における広報宣伝を担当。2002年、Wasabi Kikakuを設立。

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Company Profile

Corporate Name: Wasabi Kikaku, Inc.
Office: 237 West 115th Street, Suite 3C, New York, NY 10026
TEL: 212-777-777
email: mail@wasabikikaku.com
Established: December, 2002
President / CEO: Matsumoto, Kazuyuki
Service: Multimedia consulting & management
  • Managing & running websites, including e-commerce sites
  • Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Managing & developing Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube Ads
  • Updating & revamping websites to improve SEO
  • Re-examining cost-benefit analyses of current media
  • Analyzing and drafting reports for Google Analytics
  • Media Planning & Buying
Multimedia content development
  • Develop responsive websites using WordPress
  • Develop e-commerce sites using Shopify
  • Copywriting in Japanese & English
  • System development with PHP and MySQL
  • Develop animation with computer graphics
  • Develop HD/4K movies for TVCM, YouTube, and websites
  • Design for print ads, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues, and postcards
  • Approach both Japanese and non-Japanese media outlets in North America
  • Develop/Distribute Press Release
  • Media Tracking
  • Events
  • Translation
  • SP Tools
  • Displays